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Singapore is not just about business. This small island nation punches way above its weight as a thriving cosmopolitan city-state that’s gifted with great diversity and an unparalleled and exciting mix of cultures, arts, entertainment and architecture. Singapore is a dynamic and thriving city that inspires and invigorates all who are fortunate enough to visit.

Perhaps it is a surprise for many to read this, but tourism in Singapore is one of its major industries and contributes greatly to the Singaporean economy. This is no accident. As a powerful tourism destination, Singapore attracted well over 15 million tourists in 2014, a whopping two to three times the number of Singapore’s total population! Though we don’t offer tourism services, PUNKTLANDUNG as a creative events company certainly sees how it is all directly relevant to our own offerings of incentive event production and management for Singapore as a destination.

SINGAPORE combines fun & Business like no other

This unique island state has a lot going for it:

  • Cutting edge, environmentally friendly policies that ensure its natural and heritage conservation programs are well-funded and managed. The end result are amazing urban oases of green encapsulated by a bustling metropolis.
  • The finest luxury Hotels imaginable.
  • Best conference & convention centers in the world.
  • One of the lowest crime rates in the world.
  • English is one of Singapore’s four official languages- Visitors can understand the local population and navigate the country’s wonders with ease.
  • The most efficient and clean public transportation system in the world- Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system has visitors covered!

And arguably the most important thing of all and that which makes for an unforgettable DMC Singapore experience:

  • Singapore has some of the world’s newest, most innovative and unique activities that are all perfectly suited for incentive and team events!


Let’s start with the popular tourist destination of Sentosa Island, which is connected to the main island of Singapore by bridge. This location attracts almost 20 million visitors annually (including Singaporean residents) and consists of almost 30 remarkable landmarks and activities, such as the imposing Fort Siloso, built to defend the island during World War II or the new “Wings of Time,” a multi-sensory and award-winning night show with amazing laser, fire and water effects.

There is the Skyline Luge that races down a 600m jungle trail that is from top to bottom the equivalent to the height of a 12 storey building. And yet another attraction for visitors who are looking to experience thrilling and exciting activities is iFly Singapore, one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel.

Sentosa Island is considered the playground of Singapore and can grandly assume a big and impressive part in the experiential aspect of your incentive event.


Stepping it up in SINGAPORE – Luxury & Stylish Fun

There is never a lack of fun and exciting things to do on Singapore´s main island as well. Singapore is ideal for giving your event-goers a sophisticated luxury experience should they so prefer. This is evident not only in experiencing Singapore’s unchallenged heights of luxury in one’s accommodations, but also by visiting the elegant Orchard Road district, an area glorified by its impressive multi-storey shopping centers and by the largest concentration of high-end luxury brands in one place.

Let PUNKTLANDUNG create an amazing experiential program for your Business Incentive Event! We are the experts!

We don´t just know about the prime places in Singapore, in fact this is something you could easily discover for yourself. Indeed, we are experts in creating experiential corporate incentive events with more than 16 years of experience in Europe and in Asia. We fully recognize and understand the needs and goals of a company when it comes to recognizing, appreciating and giving back to their clients. This is what makes us masters in the creation of unforgettable team events, both on the corporate and the agency sides of the coin.

In thoroughly researching and understanding your target audience and determining the goals for your incentive event, our expert experience managers masterfully create a specialized program that is tailor-made for your needs. We ensure an outcome that will both impress and leave wonderful memories for your clients and stakeholders.

PUNKTLANDUNG, as Singapore’s premiere destination management company (DMC), takes full advantage of this city-state’s unbelievable attractions and activities in order to engage your clients and guests. We provide the very best in the organization and management of top-notch conferences, amazing dining opportunities and fun and engaging leisure activities, all parts and parcel to an unforgettable incentive event experience for your company.

PUNKTLANDUNG- Providing Fun and Leisure to our Clients!

We are the leaders in the management of corporate events. This extends to treating our client groups to all that Singapore has to offer, from recreation and entertainment to cultural exploration!

Let us show you a good time outside of official conferences, corporate events and long work days with a genius mix of leisure and fun activities that keep you fresh and vital for the next day’s official agenda.

What better way to show your employees or clients how much they are appreciated then by enlisting PUNKTLANDUNG’s expertise as a DMC and premier events company in Singapore.

PUNKTLANDUNG – Your Experiential Marketing Agency in Singapore

Our Services as a trusted DMC Singapore:

  • Event conceptualization & creation
  • Pre-consultation
  • Program development
  • Hotel suggestions & onsite negotiations for package deals
  • Door-gifts & corporate gifts production
  • Cocktail reception management
  • Conference venue management & negotiations
  • Gala dinner or theme event production
  • Activity preparation & management
  • Event staff for hospitality, activities, gala dinners, sightseeing & conferences
  • Full incentive event production & management
  • Thorough follow-up

We take care of your whole experience from A to Z, though please keep in mind that there are a few services that will remain the client’s responsibility in order to adhere to the tourism guidelines of Singapore. These include the booking of accommodations and travel to Singapore.

For a good time call PUNKTLANDUNG! We’ll get the ball rolling on your next incentive event to Singapore.

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