We are crowned as one of the most refined exhibition stand contractors in Singapore. With decades of corporate experience and in-depth expertise in building exhibition stands, we have earned invaluable trust of many branded organizations in the corporate sector.

Our remarkable performance has garnered us proud association with some of the established carpentries in neighbouring countries – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Dubai, Germany, Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea), Taipeh (Taiwan) and Shanghai (China).

It has leveraged us with deep insight into emerging trends and designs in exhibition stands and event display industry. The exhibition stand designer in Singapore makes clever use of contemporary and organic elements to create an aesthetic appeal in exhibiting displays.

Our designers in collaboration with craftsmen incorporate wood, metal, lights, signage and other interesting elements to present creative themes for exhibition displays. Our scintillating exhibiting stand and display are bound to notch up the brand value of your product and/or service.

Our adept team of craftsmen strives to incorporate every minute design detailing in the exhibition stands to create superlative impression of your brand on the audience. Whether indoor or outdoor, our exhibition stands reflect the promised quality that adds glory to your special occasion.

Touted as the numero uno exhibition stand contractor in Singapore, we are committed to deliver unmatchable value to all our clients. We value your opinion more than anything. All the work for exhibition displays happens in your consultation to make your event a success.

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Why Us?

Well, this may be an obvious question. But we have more than one reason to get your nod to go ahead with the job in hand:


Quality Services

Unquestionable quality is our unsaid commitment to all our valued clients. We source tried and tested material to build exhibition stands and displays that can weather all troubles.

Ranging from stands, to lighting, to acoustics, to sitting to all other numerous arrangements are our first and foremost responsibility. We pay detailed attention to each aspect of the exhibition stands and displays to ensure uninterrupted events.


Complete Package

We do not believe in half job done. As the exhibition stand contractor, we plan your complete show with every knitty gritty planned and packed to give you a lifetime experience.

We shoulder your brand valuation through spectacular exhibition stands and all other related aspects. We closely monitor the making of exhibition displays and rehauling of supporting arrangements (power backup, AC etc.) for a full-blown experience.



We are committed to add more value to every single penny invested in building exhibiting stands.

We have earned name for an affordable exhibition stand builder in Singapore. From purchasing every single material to all auxiliary arrangements, every single item is priced after proper market research.

We put our best foot forward to increase the return on investment(ROI) throughout astute planning from the point of planning till the event wraps up.

As a renowned exhibition stand contractor in Singapore, we meticulously create exhibition stands and displays to increase footfall and brand engagement to generate business sales.

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