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Whether it is a small conference or business meeting or a large scale exhibition in Shanghai , we develop a structured process to make sure that we deliver the results according to your needs and requirements. Our main target is that you achieve your event goals and expectations and that we leave you with a positive enduring impression of our customer service. Just see below how are we going to do this.

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Indentify needs

The way to achieving a successful project starts by paying close attention to your requirements, understanding your business, your targeted customers and their behaviour. Therefore we are eager to identify your needs so we can easily go to the next step of creating a clear and successful project.


Make a quote

Many years of experience ensures that we consider all important influencing factors that you might not think about. We take a look at your project and put some numbers together to give you a rough estimate, what such a project may cost you and what you have to consider to keep your costs within your limits.


Consider CI

If you choose to go with us, we will start by studying your Corporate Identity guidelines. We will check your existing Marketing tools and analyze if everything is aligned with your Corporate Design, before we go ahead to conceptualize your new project. Everything related to this should speak your language.


Creation of concept

It´s time for our creative minds to create a tailor-made, unique solution for your business. We will make sure to give your clients a lasting impression of your stage branding. We conceptualize the events design and give you diverse alternatives for venues, activities and entertainment to choose from.


Project delivery

When it comes to the most exciting part for you, the event itself, you want to have a high quality partner at your side. We work with top specialists in the fields of booth building, audio visual services, catering and branding. We are ready to adopt a flexible approach wherever necessary to adapt to your requirements.


Project review

Time to review. We are in a constant learning process and have a natural hunger to make things better, more professional and more efficient. We appreciate your feedback, always try to make sure that we have not missed any details. Even if your event was a blast, we still want to go further and take it to another level for our future projects.

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