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The personal touch of meaningful conversations at events & exhibitions will always be one of the key factors of success to explore new business opportunities. However, the newest trend of virtual conferences, digital events and hybrid exhibitions have allowed businesses in Singapore to reach out to a larger global audience than ever before.


As a premium virtual & digital event & exhibition company in Singapore we deliver the whole variety of virtual events


  • Virtual Events
  • Digital Conferences & Talks
  • Virtual Exhibitions
  • Webinars & Workshops
  • Virtual Product Launches
  • Virtual Product Displays & Showcases
  • Virtual Road Shows


PUNKTLANDUNG is all about superlative virtual event concepts and our digital environments are not only innovative but the ultimate way to wow your clients. We bring to the table our innate German passion for detail & reliability.

PUNKTLANDUNG in fact is a German business term that translates into “precision landing” and convey the message that we deliver beyond expectations.  Our perfectionist’s streak is what enables unforgettable virtual event experiences starting from the development of a microsite for the digital presentation of your event to the actual production of your virtual or hybrid event in Singapore for a global audience.



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Our Work

Appealing Virtual/Digital event website

Any and all virtual events start with a unique virtual event microsite to present your program, speakers and overall content as well as allow the registration of participants. PUNKTLANDUNG Singapore ensures a visually attractive and technically stable virtual event website that will present your show in the most professional way. The microsite will be the starting point for your virtual event. Visitors will experience beautifully designed event lounges, highly engaging networking areas and attractive spots to download marketing content of your brand which can be designed by our graphic designers too.


Virtual events require exceptional content & newest technology

Content becomes more crucial where there is no physical interaction like in a live event or exhibition. A variety of options for content presentation must be provided via live streaming, break out rooms, networking sessions, video presentation and branding solutions. More creativity is required to address customer needs without being able to improvise on the spot unlike during a physical conversation. Appropriately translating your brand message and product offer to visitors is only possible with the newest and most proven digital event technology in the market.


Event expertise & proven digital platform for virtual events

PUNKTLANDUNGs expertise in delivering exceptional physical event experiences in Singapore and the region is not only beneficial but absolutely necessary to our clients to manage their virtual or hybrid event at a quality they would expect from an expert virtual event company in Singapore.  We are your partner in connecting the dots between your content and the outreach via the digital event platform used.  PUNKTLANDUNG works with proven technologies that have stand the test of this fast evolving trend – fully customizable, flexible and stable – even with thousands of event visitors attending your virtual event or exhibition at the same time.


Driving Engagement at virtual events

Through creative strategies and digital event solutions PUNKTLANDUNG Virtual Events Singapore will work with clients to develop concepts for active engagement of visitors that will make any event exciting and memorable. These engagement tools could be for example


  • Virtual networking sessions
  • Booth experiences
  • Interactive engagements
  • Live polling
  • Feedback surveys
  • Breakout rooms
  • Live chats
  • Question answering


Talk to us for developing your very own virtual event. Stand out of the crowd as an up-to-date and forward-thinking brand and contact us now.


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