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Sometimes you simply need just one or two advertising platforms for a small road show or to participate at an event or exhibition. Or maybe you feel confident enough to self-organize a corporate event without the help of an agency and you just need one particular item, which rounds off the event experience for the audience. Maybe it’s a creatively designed pop-up display system or stage backdrop or just a cool photo wall. PUNKLANDUNG is ready to assist you in putting your best advertising foot forward with our state-of-the-art event advertising equipment.


Our line of products includes:

  • pop-up display systems
  • mobile event and exhibition stands
  • pull-up banners
  • stage backdrops
  • photo walls
  • logo signage
  • flags
  • tents
  • sports field advertising
  • exhibition counters
  • light boxes
  • floor stickers
  • customized exhibition furniture
  • and more




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Our Work

In short we practically produce anything and everything that you can brand with your logo enabling you to confidently reach out to the world – and our skilled and creative graphic designers can also design it for you.


Pop-Up Display Systems – The must-have standard equipment for any company in Singapore

We know the importance of having mobile, easily transportable and flexible advertising equipment on hand that is also powerful and effective in getting your message out. We offer several options that all are incredibly efficient for your mobile event equipment needs. Our pop-up stand/display creations are quick and easy to build (usually only 10 minutes for 1 person to put together) and yet they still make an amazing impression at small events.

From the wide range of mobile event equipment, a creatively designed pop-up display is a essential for every company´s marketing department. We are convinced that every company needs the flexibility that a pop-up display affords, so as to be quickly equipped for the next road show that can happen at the drop of a hat. Pop-up stand systems with their changeable display designs have been proven time and again to give one the most bang for the buck– namely the most efficient equipment for small events that afford the best value for your money.


Nomadic Display – The Top-Notch Pop-Up-Displays

We carry different quality levels of pop up displays, from the affordable entry level versions to the rock-solid, high-end Nomadic Display pop-up stands with life-long warrantees and extraordinary customer service – world-wide.

With Nomadic Display we can even build small, customized exhibition booths for you – all lightweight, transportable and easy to build from 9sqm up to 48sqm booths. This all can include light boxes, counters and everything that belongs to a proper exhibition booth– so good that you will hardly be able to tell the difference from a traditional-build exhibition booth!

For any event equipment graphic printing needs, we employ the very latest in technologies that guarantee the highest quality for your next event and we have a team of pro graphic designers standing by to deliver on all your design needs as well. And, if that wasn’t enough, our ad equipment is easy to set up with no tool assembly and are lightweight and portable to help save you money on shipping and storage costs.


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